RC Car Body Mould

RC Car Body Mould Creating a mould for 1/10 scale touring car. I had a brand new body shell left over from me racing days. This new body shell was the perfect candidate to take a mould from, and I also had quite a bit of Easy Composites Uni Mould System left over from a previous project So I had all the necessary goodies to create a 1/10 body shell mould! And some spare time to make a mould and video with some royalty free music, good times. Easy Leased the table 2 coats Easy Leased the body shell 3 coats Uni-Mould Tooling Gelcoat 3 medium coats Uni-Mould Coupling Coat (100g Chopped Strand Mat) Uni-Mould Tooling Resin (450g Chopped Strand Mat) Lots of gloves and plastic cups Here is a video showing the making of the mould.

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