Drag Racing Chopped Cosworth and BMW

Drag Racing at North Weald with Maitland Racing. A fun day out with lots of gear heads, general bants and chit chat. Running in the high 12s not to shabby for a stock hayabusa engine and a dodgy old racer with an open diff, blah blah but lots of smiles!! Next Test n Tune, 5th July I increased the rev range on the map this made the car feel alot more free flowing though the gears. Next time, Work on alternate map. Install the base section of an aero floor under the rear diff section of the car to stop the parachute effect it creates above 100mph. Get a new quaife lsd diff. Lose some weight as in me ;) Test n Tune events http://www.maitlandracing.com/ Subscribe for updates http://bit.ly/1D6vwOc

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