Adams Adventure 10 year old with mad gcode skills

Adams Adventure 10 year old hand writing gcode and doing his engineers dance called the squid, very smart young lad no flys on Adam ! (Adams first gcode program) G21 F200 G0 Z5 G1 X0 Y0 (starting point) g1 x10 y10 g1 z-0.25 g1 x10 y30 g1 x20 y30 g1 x20 y10 g1 z5 g1 x20 y20 g1 z-0.25 g1 x10 y20 g1 z5 (end of a) g1 x30 y10 g1 z-0.25 g1 x30 y30 g1 x37 y30 g1 x40 y27 g1 x40 y13 g1 x37 y10 g1 x30 y10 (end of d) g1 z5 g1 x50 y10 (start of second a) g1 z-0.25 g1 x50 y30 g1 x60 y30 g1 x60 y10 g1 z5 g1 x60 y20 g1 z-0.25 g1 x50 y20 g1 z5 (end of second a) g1 x70 y10 g1 z-0.25 g1 x70 y30 g1 x90 y30 g1 x90 y10 g1 z5 g1 x80 y10 g1 z-0.25 g1 x80 y30 (end of m) g1 z5 g1 x0 y0 M2

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