Ireland - Wild Atlantic Way

The Longest Defined Coastal Route in the World.

Ireland and the Wild Atlantic Way

Southern Ireland driving, camping, treking for 2 weeks of pure discovery while meeting some very cool people in the glourious sunshine of the Summer of 2018!

After driving from North London to Fishguard basically across England and Wales in 6 hours give or take a few service stations.
I checked into the ferry ticket office and was promptly placed inline for a customs car inspection to ensure I was not harbouring any illegal materials, then onto the ferry for a 5 hours crossing to Rosslare Harbour.

Arriving early around 6am gave some time to seek out a nice beach spot to make a cup of tea and roll, before the driving on the Irish side started!

After taking the sunrise and eating up all the beach breakfast, I took in some good deep breaths of the fresh clean Irish sea air.
Now the real journey begins, but before it could hit the road I felt obliged to check in and see Our Lady and have a little gander at her island!

The destination was Ballylickey Cork, hoping to find a place by the sea in Eagle point campsite.

First night was force 8 gales so I found beautifully sheltered pitch ready for the shanty shelter and shitbox the car.

Found a drinking Partner and Pub :)

The next day we "planned" an adventure to Dursey Island to ride on the imfamous cable car across the Atlantic?!
Along the way we found some nice views that made drinking the petrol station coffee a little more bearable.

Dursey Island Shed Technology in action!

Damien looking very happy with the Dursey Island Shed Technology situation?!
The shed offered views straight to the Atlantic ocean though the floor boards, all for the price of 10 euros!

MacCarthys bar and general store with an interesting history and a loverly pint of Guinness

The Ring of Kerry and the road to Mannix Point campsite and the infamous cottage :)

Last Night double rainbow and what a sunset!


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