BTC 2018-04-22

Technical Analysis :: BTC Neutral Bears?

BTC has been in a rally to the upside for the week but those bears are still real.

Daily (WE Indicator)

The rally from the double bottom initally felt strong and broke out the daily MMA50 and into the MMA200 holding this average for 3 days it next point of resistance is the MMA100. So daily this is the key point to see if we break though the 100 day moving average resistant or simply bounce of this line to the down side. StochRSI on the daily has crossed over and is in the middle ground.
The daily TI is currently on a 3 sequence, with the fourth being Monday morning when I took the screenshot. Also the TI show aggressive selling in a S2, S3 sequence.

Weekly (WE Indicator)

The weekly is looking very similar to the daily, positive in the short term.
The StochRSI on the weekly shows a double bottom and is looking over sold.
Medium outlook being neutral bearish
Long outlook being epic as normal!

Good luck trading!

Disclaimer: Price projections/indication above are just opinions of one indicator and one trader.
Trading is incredibly risky and should only be done with capital one can afford to lose.

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